128px Zephyr is god of wind and stuff. He is the ultimate in lane control and pushing for someone who knows how to play him. This has been my build in a few games but it by no means a final solution I have built him in many ways to try go against the other team. I believe playing zephyr can make you a better player because how well you do relies on how well you deny and last hit early on in the game. The Zephyr can be considered a Pusher, Disabler, and a Assassin.

By: S2Cracky

Skill OverviewПравить

  • Leap - Useful for last hitting groups of mobs with low hp or running away from a gank.
  • Cyclones - Adds AoE damage which is useful for clearing creep waves. Cyclones can also be called back by activating this skill to restore hp and mana
  • Wind Shield - Great if you need to tank for a little while.
  • Wind Control - Useful for running away or putting on top of a tower.

Skill BuildПравить

Level Skill
1 Cyclones
2 Wind Shield
3 Cyclones
4 Leap
5 Leap
6 Cyclones
7 Cyclones
8 Wind Shield
9 Leap
10 Leap
11 Wind Control
12 Wind Shield
13 Wind Shield
14 Wind Control
15 Stats
16 Wind Control
17 Stats
18 Stats
19 Stats
20 Stats
21 Stats
22 Stats
23 Stats
24 Stats
25 Stats

Item BuildПравить

Starting Items

64px - 500
  • Helps you last hit better so you can get more cyclones
64px - 90
  • In case your cyclones don't heal you enough.

Total Cost = 590

Early Game

64px - 500
  • Turn your Punch Dagger into this. Nice chunk of damage and gets you inventory space back.

Total Cost = 500

Mid Game

64px - 5150
  • Damage, evasion, and a damage aura.

Total Cost = 5150

Late Game

64px - 4700
  • Makes you into a pretty good tank, and more aoe damage

Total Cost = 4700


Wrap UpПравить

This is one of the best heroes at pushing lanes and can out farm and level other heroes if you get a lot of last hits at the start of the game. This hero is not easy for starting players but if you know the basics of last hitting you can do very well.