Name Type Description Examples
name String Name of element addfriend_button
group String Name of group chat_channel_window
x Distance X position (horizontal plane) 1.5h, -5h, 25, 0
y Distance Y position (vertical plane) 1.5h, -5h, 25, 0
width Distance Width of element 1.5h, -5h, 250, 75%
height Distance Height of element 1.5h, -5h, 250, 75%
align Enum Horizontal alignment right, left, center
valign Enum Vertical alignment top, bottom, center
maxlength Integer Maximum number of characters 300, 16, 250
textalign Enum Horizontal alignment of text right, left, center
textvalign Enum Vertical alignment of text top, bottom, center
taborder Integer 5
font Enum Font type and size dyn_10, dyn_12, dyn_9
textcolor Color Color of text white, black
shadow Boolean Display shadow true, false, 1, 0
color Color Background color invisible, #FFFFFF
watch Trigger Trigger to watch ChatUserEvent

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