128px Small basic info about her.

She's got a great escape mechanism, a very good chain-nuke, she can kill an INT or AGI hero very fast, and she greatly reduces an opposing team's life in the fight and can port herself out before she dies.

Pros and Cons

  • Her spells are great for finish off low hp heroes
  • Great AOE Spells
  • Works great with lots of heroes
  • If played correctly, she can be a massive killer
  • Low HP
  • Gets owned by disables
  • No disable

By: abgeschmatzt

Skill OverviewПравить

Skill BuildПравить

Level Basic Build Alt Build
1 Flash of Darkness Flash of Darkness
2 Sonar Scream Sonar Scream
3 Sonar Scream Sonar Scream
4 Haunt Flash of Darkness
5 Sonar Scream Sonar Scream
6 Bat Blast Bat Blast
7 Sonar Scream Sonar Scream
8 Flash of Darkness Flash of Darkness
9 Flash of Darkness Flash of Darkness
10 Flash of Darkness Haunt
11 Bat Blast Bat Blast
12 Haunt Haunt
13 Haunt Haunt
14 Haunt Haunt
15 Stats Stats
16 Bat Blast Bat Blast
17 Stats Stats
18 Stats Stats
19 Stats Stats
20 Stats Stats
21 Stats Stats
22 Stats Stats
23 Stats Stats
24 Stats Stats
25 Stats Stats


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Starting ItemsПравить

This build is for laning. If you want to, you can solo mid. If you are going to solo mid, buy a Bottle to start and then work on the following items.

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