128px WildSoul is a Disabler, Tank, and if done right a Carry hero. He summons the bear BooBoo who can carry items at level 4 and does the bulk of your damage until your at a higher level. Your goal is to get BooBoo's attack speed high so that his attack modifier Tangle Claw procs as often as possible to disable who ever he is attacking. WildSoul revolves around using BooBoo and your hero at the same time to great effect this can be difficult for some players. But with time and practice odds are you will get good at it.

By: Drasha

Skill OverviewПравить

  • Summon BooBoo - summons BooBoo the bear to beat people up for you.
  • wild - Makes you or BooBoo move and attack faster.
  • Natural Attunement - Makes every thing about this hero better.
  • Bear Form - Makes you a lot harder to kill and makes you melee instead of ranged.

Skill BuildПравить


This guide focuses on using booboo for your damage. You have to be able to use both WildSoul and BooBoo at the same time so controling them is a bit harder then just controlling WildSoul but if you can master if he is a vary strong hero for last hitting and denying creeps at the start of the game and doing good damage later in the game.

No micro

You don't pick up booboo until much later in the game and just focus on making wildsoul as strong as possible. Worth trying out it is much different from the booboo build since you going to focuses on a difrent item set you make you a good tank and dangerous in team fights. You take booboo after level 16 for the link that transfers damage from boo

Level Basic No micro
1 Summon BooBoo Wild
2 Natural Attunement Natural Attunement
3 Summon BooBoo Wild
4 Natural Attunement Natural Attunement
5 Summon BooBoo Wild
6 Bear Form Bear Form
7 Summon BooBoo Wild
8 Natural Attunement Natural Attunement
9 Natural Attunement Natural Attunement
10 Wild Stats
11 Bear Form Bear Form
12 Wild Stats
13 Wild Wild
14 Wild Stats
15 Stats Stats
16 Bear Form Bear Form
17 Stats Summon BooBoo
18 Stats Summon BooBoo
19 Stats Summon BooBoo
20 Stats Summon BooBoo
21 Stats Stats
22 Stats Stats
23 Stats Stats
24 Stats Stats
25 Stats Stats

Item BuildПравить

Starting Items

grabbing items to make farming in the forest cake.

64px X1 = 225
  • Put this on booboo
64px X1 = 250
  • put this on booboo to so he does not die left and right
64px X1 = 90
  • heal up wildsoul if he takes some damage can be replaced with 2 minor totems for extra damage on wildsoul

Total Cost = 565

Early Game

you only need one early game item and you only need to have it by level 6

64px X1 = 225
  • put it on wildsoul and go into bear form your farm should go up quite a bit

Total Cost = 225

Mid Game

Farmed up a bunch of gold now its time to spend it.

64px - 5150
  • This is the item you have been saving all that gold for put it on booboo farm until you have 2 marchers then go to town murdering the other team with a super fast bear that hits like a truck. You should have this around the 25 minute mark.
64px X2 = 1000
  • pair for you and booboo so you can keep up with people
64px - 1550
  • (optional) good for booboo for the same price as 2 gloves of the swift you get some bonus damage and phasing.

Total Cost = 7200

Late Game

Late game you want to move mock over to wildsoul and put any new items on him since booboo can die pretty easy at this point.

64px - 6000
  • Makes you harder to kill and gives you bonus damage
64px X1 = 3300
  • Extra damage with purge not a bad by at all might want to get it before the wingbow if the other team has some thing that needs to be purged
64px X1 = 5500
  • Your rolling in gold and still need some thing to spend it on.
64px - 4400
  • lots more damage if no one else has one you might as well pick it up.

Total Cost = 19200

Situational Items

64px - 2250
  • if they have nukers your going to want this on wildsoul at some point


The hardest part of playing WildSoul is microing both your units at the same time. You can set up unit groups with them for example select both booboo and wildsoul and hold down control then press 1 the next time you press 1 you will be selecting both wildsoul and booboo. I recommend you set the 1 key to booboo and wildsoul the 2 key to wildsoul and the 3 key to booboo you can of course these up how ever you want since its just personal preference. You can also use the tab key to cycle between wild soul and booboo this is useful since its faster then selecting them manually and its right next to the q key. You should use booboo to scout out the area around you when your not using him offensively when hes not vary useful at level one you can use him to watch one of the rune spawn locations.

Early Game

At the start of the game you want to summon booboo in the fountain so you stay at full mana. Your going to want to play on the lane that has your teams neutrals so for legion thats the bottom lane and for hellbourne thats the top lane. You want to do this because you can use booboo to pull neutral creeps into your on coming creep wave to make your self extra gold, experience, and any creeps that die deny the other team experience. Focus on last hitting and microing booboo you can use him to scout the forest or to last hit or deny creeps.

Mid Game

BooBoo is level 4 and is ready to be a killing machine get some items on this guy and start the murder fest. The key is to have booboo creep up on them from the forest while wildsoul stays in lane when booboo starts to attack them you want wildsoul to run over and attack that hero as well. If tangle claw procs you should get a kill if it does not they can get away. If you have some one on your team who can disable it easy to catch up to the hero and cast it on them once booboo procs tangle claw. Make sure your farming a lane as well since your going to need some items if you want to be useful late game.

Late Game

If you got all the items for mid game you should be in pretty good shape right now you can pretty much have booboo auto attack some one on the other team to disable them and wild soul can bash on them from range if you don't have to worry about getting killed. If you think the other team is going to go for you stay in bear form so you have protection. Your pretty much playing the end game as a carry use booboo to kill towers since he has 60% bonus damage against them.