128px The Voodoo Jester have very unique skills that can work in many situations. With this signature move Cursed Ground he is feared in prolonged fights.

By: Evil_Andrex

Skill OverviewПравить

  • Acid Cocktail - A chained stun that will bounce around enemies stunning them. Although it doesn't deal damage to heroes it is quite strong stunning many heroes. As an extra bonus it can deal damage to creeps. This makes Acid Cocktail a good farming tool if ever needed.
  • Mojo - A multi use spell. It can either be put on an enemy or an ally. If you put it on an enemy it will give damage over time to everyone around him, combining well with Cursed Ground. If Mojo is cast on an ally it will give a heal over time. This skill alone can give Voodoo Jester quite a kick in a lane.
  • Cursed Ground - With Cursed Ground Voodoo Jester can pull off many kills. It will deal damage to anyone effected, depending on how much damage the person has taken with the effect on. It needs some attention to aim but with all the synergy from your other skills it quite nice.
  • Spirit Ward (Spirit Ward Supreme) - Spirit Ward is with no doubt, has the ability to deal the most damage on Voodoo Jester. When Spirit Ward is channeled it will be a machine gun, that will only target heroes. Not only that at higher levels or with SotM it can target more than one hero at a time.

These skill have clear synergy. It basicly makes him into a scary hero killer.

Skill BuildПравить

Voodoo Jester has a very default build, mostly focusing on Cursed Ground throughout the game

Normal Build

The usual default build

Level Normal Build
1 Acid Cocktail
2 Cursed Ground
3 Cursed Ground
4 Mojo
5 Cursed Ground
6 Spirit Ward
7 Cursed Ground
8 Acid Cocktail
9 Acid Cocktail
10 Acid Cocktail
11 Spirit Ward
12 Mojo
13 Mojo
14 Mojo
15 Stat Bonus
16 Spirit Ward
17 Stat Bonus
18 Stat Bonus
19 Stat Bonus
20 Stat Bonus
21 Stat Bonus
22 Stat Bonus
23 Stat Bonus
24 Stat Bonus
25 Stat Bonus

Very basic build getting Cursed Ground as early as possible

Item BuildПравить

Starting Items

Voodoo Jester NEEDS mana, and a lot of it. So early getting more int and some consumables help alot

64px X2 = 300
  • Basic int bonus
64px X2 = 106
  • Minor extra stats
64px X2 = 100
  • More mana regeneration
64px X1 = 90
  • Just a bit of health regeneration

Total Cost = 343

Early Game

Frankly Voodoo Jester needs stats. So gathering stat items is not a bad choice but he is also a ganker, thus needing some regeneration too

64px X1 = 600
  • For rune whoring and ganking
64px X3 = 1455
  • More intellect and more stats just epic.
64px X1 = 500
  • Mandatory extra movespeed

Total Cost = 1585

Mid Game

Mid game starts heating up with lots of ganks happening, and because we didn't get a lot of health in early game we focus on getting some items that help survival

64px X1 = 1503
  • The extra armor and a bit of stats is gold for Voodoo
64px X1 = 3400
  • It can be used to start off a gank or to escape from a gank. You can possibly uses it when you are channeling Ward to make it harder to interrupt it.

Total Cost = 4903

Late Game

Late game all you really do is use your ultimate and Cursed ground in team fights so we will try to get items that utilize it

64px X1 = 4300
  • Helpful for giving some extra stats to Voodoo but also buffing his ultimate into something much stronger
64px X1 = 3900
  • By the time you get Staff of the Master your enemies should've already gotten smart and will try to interupt your ultimate one way or the other so getting some anti magic really helps.

Total Cost = 8200

Situational Items

Along with the above items a lot of other items are viable depending on situations.

64px X1 = 4700
  • Give nice amount of intelligence and also the bonus armor is good for surviving, along with that it can be activated while in a team fight providing a good snare.
64px X1 = 2850
  • I barf at the thought of getting Codex for voodoo jester but it has a tiny bit of synergy with Cursed Ground, but if you do ever thing about getting Codex, keep it within pub stomps only.
64px X1 = 2700
  • It can replace Plated Greaves

This is my way of playing Voodoo Jester, it isn't the only way


Voodoo Jester doesn't have much health but is very powerful, always be aware of positioning, and try not to put yourself into to much danger

Early Game

Voodoo Jester can babysit within a lane, he has a decent heal when needed and is ranged. So putting him in a duo lane isn't a bad idea but Voodoo Jester can also solo middle very easily with his high base damage out last hitting the enemy.

Mid Game

Start ganking! With your hero killing abilities it is a good idea to gank when your allies need it. Your job is to support in ganks not necessarily get the kill. Kills are for the carries.

Late Game

Bigger more hectic team fights start to happen, so your job is to use cursed ground then drop your ultimate and hope for the best. Remember to use your items accordingly

Hero SynergyПравить

Good Allies

Long disables are always good or heavy burst damage

  • Night Hound - Night Hound's AoE silence will help stop people from interrupting your ward
  • Thunderbringer - Huge burst damage will make Cursed Ground very effective
  • Pyromancer - Also Huge burst damage to syngerize with Cursed Ground
  • Tempest - Long disable putting everyone together for an easy Cursed Ground, after that you drop your ultimate
  • Vindicator - Once he uses his ultimate, the chances that someone will interrupt your ultimate is low
  • Witch Slayer - His ultimate deals respectable damage quickly so it works well with Cursed Ground
  • Behemoth - HUGE damage and disables
  • Keeper of the Forest - He has an invisibility to protect you while you ward and also has a good dsiable
  • Chronos - Powerful disable that your ward will work in

Bad Enemies

Enemies that can negate the damage from cursed ground and ward make Voodoo useless

  • Vindicator - If he silences you, your not gonna be able to use ultimate
  • Demented Shaman - His heal can mean that your enemies survive your Cursed ground
  • Predator - He has anti magic to stop your magic abilities
  • Pandamonium - His spells all go through Shrunken Head
  • Jeraziah - He has a powerful heal and anti magic abilities
  • Scout - His wards can see invisible and then silence you interrupting your ultimate
  • Keeper of the Forest - His eyes can see invisible

Thats all for now!

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