128px This guide will work in almost all modes of gameplay. Succubus is a Disabler and Support Hero, with 3 disables and a fourth with one of her core items. Her strength gain per level is higher than most INT heroes, giving her more health than others. Combined with her abilities she has high survivability.

She can still be a great asset to a team without great items, as her 3 disable abilities have much the same affect at high levels.

By: DrBernie

Skill OverviewПравить

  • Smitten - This ability is best when used mid-late game. It will greatly reduce the target's attack damage, making foes such as predator, Dark Lady, Scout etc. to become less of a threat in a team fight.
  • Heartache - Your main nuke. This deals Pure Damage and also heals you. It is a great move to use before and after Succubus' Hold.
  • Mesmerize - Puts the target to sleep, but they are safe from damage until woken up. A general disable.
  • Succubus' Hold - Early game a great solo-killing tool. Late game, an excellent support ability, especially to stop blinkers.

Skill BuildПравить

General Build

This is the main build any Succubus guide will tell you to do. It may vary slightly in some places, but this is the general pattern.

Level General Build
1 Heartache
2 Mesmerize
3 Heartache
4 Stats
5 Heartache
6 Succubus' Hold
7 Heartache
8 Stats
9 Smitten
10 Smitten
11 Succubus' Hold
12 Smitten
13 Smitten
14 Stats
15 Stats
16 Succubus' Hold
17 Stats
18 Stats
19 Stats
20 Stats
21 Stats
22 Stats
23 Mesmerize
24 Mesmerize
25 Mesmerize

Item BuildПравить

Starting Items

The starting game items are focused around mainly increasing your low health and mana, and helping you stay in the lane for longer.

64px X1 = 90
  • For health regen to help you stay in the lane
64px X2 = 100
  • To help you stay in the lane longer
64px X2 = 300
  • These give you extra damage, mana and mana regen.
64px X2 = 106
  • Cheap bonus stats to help you in the early phase
65px X2 = 370
  • If you have the money, you can go for 2 of these before Mark of the Novice, for the health pool boost

Total Cost = 528

Early Game

At this stage, we focus on giving two boosts to Succubus: Mana and Speed

64px X1 = 500
  • The most necessary item in the game. You'll be needing the speed to escape and chase.
64px X2 = 970
  • Build these with Pretender's Crown and Mark of the Novice.
64px X1 = 1500
  • These are great boots for Succubus as the speed boost helps chase, flee and run to team fights where you are greatly needed.
64px X1 = 1000
  • A nice 250 mana boost to your mana pool.

Total Cost = 3485

Mid Game

With the speed handled, we now finish off Sucubus' mana return items and give her extra support.

64px X1 = 1700
  • Build this from the Pickled Brain. This will refresh you and your allies' mana, allowing you all to push for longer.
64px X1 = 875
  • Gives you some nice regen, and is needed later.
64px X1 = 2100
  • A nice +10 to stats, also needed later.

Total Cost = 4675

Late Game

Now, we give Succubus extra disable.

64px X1 = 2700
  • Finishes Totem of Kuldra
64px X1 = 0
  • This gives Succubus a fourth disable, as well as great regen and stats.

Total Cost = 2700

Situational Items

The items above should serve you in the majority of games. If however, games take longer or you find you are being targeted, use the following.

64px X1 = 5050
  • If your team is getting lots of kills, and you are there for them, this will give you great regen and keep you alive longer.
64px X1 = 3900
  • If you are being targeted by nukers, this will help
64px X1 = 4700
  • If your enemies are being outrun, or you are being hit by AGI or STR heroes, this will help.
64px X1 = 2750
  • Used by many Succubus' players, this will give you two minions to beat on your foes while you have your ultimate on them. Personally, I suck with managing additional units, especially in HoN.


Succubus' role progresses from a Ganker, to a support hero. Your general spell rotation when ganking one enemy should be Heartache -> Succubus' Hold -> Mesmerize (if you're alone, else attack) -> wait, then Heartache again. In team fights, you should use your disables in the order of Smitten -> Mesmerize -> (Totem of Kuldra) -> Succubus' Hold. Don't be afraid to turn around and take on a chaser, but don't be too brave to not use Mesmerize and run.

Early Game

At the start of the game, if you are confident with playing Succubus, try and get a solo in the middle lane. Try not to Spam Heartache until it is rank 2 or 3, so as not to waste mana. Most of the heroes that solo mid should be easy for you to take on. If they spam attacks on you, heal yourself by using Heartache on them. If a gank comes to mid, simply Mesmerize the extra person and retreat to your tower or further. LEVEL SIX: Now with Succubus' Hold, you are able to gank! Check your opponents health; if they are around 500-600 or less, let them push a little. If they are higher, use Heartache and stay back a little. When they push halfway past the river, wait for your creeps and then attack! Start with Succubus' Hold for the full duration, then finish off with a Heartache. This should be enough to finish most heroes off. If not, apply Mesmerize and run up next to them and finish them off with melee (Don't put yourself to sleep though!)

When you are comfortable to leave your lane, help other lanes gank. Whenever Succubus' Hold has cooled down, you should use it to kill.

Mid Game

If team fights are starting to develop, you should have Smitten on at least rank 2. You are crucial to the outcome of fights! Stay back a little and when the fight initiates, move in and quickly scan what is happening. Look for someone your team isn't attacking and Mesmerize them, first priority! Next, look for a Melee or Ranged Agi/Str heavy hitter, such as predator, scout, tree and use Smitten. Make sure you use it on someone attacking and not someone running from your team! If you're being targeted, heal with Heartache and then use Succubus' Hold on whoever is attacking you.

Late Game

Now your Smitten is needed at max rank, and you must use it on the heavy hitters! Heartache should be being used less to heal yourself and more to kill the enemies that are running away. You can't rely on Succubus' Hold as often, as team fights and pushes will be closer together. Mesmerize is still very useful in disabling the enemy, as well as keeping someone put while your teammates catch up to them. Be sure to use your Ring of Sorcery to keep your teammate's mana up, and keep an eye out for any sneaky enemies trying to catch your allies off guard.

Hero SynergyПравить

Good Allies

Succubus' Allies include heavy hitters, nukers and stunners. She works best with heroes who can take out an enemy within 5 seconds that her ultimate lasts for.

  • Nymphora - Nymphora's Grace will keep your mana up early game, and she provides a range stun for any runners.
  • Jereziah - He can use Protective Charm to wipe Mesmerize from allies, and his general supporting spells will keep you from being targeted.
  • Pyromancer - You can sleep an enemy, giving Pyro an easy target to stun.
  • Glacius - Has slows and disables to prevent runners

Bad Enemies

Succubus' Enemies include stunners, magic-immune or silencers.

  • Thunderbringer - His abilities do mini-stuns which will interrupt your ultimate
  • Jereziah - Protective Charm will prevent you from disabling someone.
  • Predator - Stone Hide makes him immune to magic
  • Tempest - His glacial blast is a stun that bounces around targets, making you unable to safely use your ultimate.
  • Voodoo Jester - His Acid Cocktail is similar to Tempest's situation.