128px The Soul Reaper is one of the strongest heroes in the game. With unique abilities Soul Reaper can easily change the outcome of the game. He can be classified as a support hero or a semi-carry or even a strong pusher.

By: Evil_Andrex

Skill OverviewПравить

Combining all these skills makes Soul Reaper not only a great support but also has the ability to carry if built right.

Skill BuildПравить

There are many different variations of the skill build for Soul Reaper, they all depending on what the player wants to do early game.

Early Withering Presence

This skill build maxes Withering Presence early to push enemy laners out of the lane.

Hybrid (Recommended)

Combines both Withering Presence and Inhuman Nature early

Early Inhuman Nature

Focuses on spamming Judgement while last hitting.

Level Early Withering Presence Hybrid (Recommended) Early Inhuman Nature
1 Judgement Judgement Judgement
2 Withering Presence Withering Presence Inhuman Nature
3 Judgement Judgement Judgement
4 Withering Presence Withering Presence Inhuman Nature
5 Judgement Judgement Judgement
6 Demonic Execution Demonic Execution Demonic Execution
7 Judgement Judgement Judgement
8 Withering Presence Inhuman Nature Inhuman Nature
9 Withering Presence Inhuman Nature Inhuman Nature
10 Inhuman Nature Inhuman Nature Stat Bonus
11 Demonic Execution Demonic Execution Demonic Execution
12 Inhuman Nature Inhuman Nature Stat Bonus
13 Inhuman Nature Withering Presence Stat Bonus
14 Inhuman Nature Withering Presence Stat Bonus
15 Stat Bonus Stat Bonus Withering Presence
16 Demonic Execution Demonic Execution Demonic Execution
17 Stat Bonus Stat Bonus Withering Presence
18 Stat Bonus Stat Bonus Withering Presence
19 Stat Bonus Stat Bonus Withering Presence
20 Stat Bonus Stat Bonus Stat Bonus
21 Stat Bonus Stat Bonus Stat Bonus
22 Stat Bonus Stat Bonus Stat Bonus
23 Stat Bonus Stat Bonus Stat Bonus
24 Stat Bonus Stat Bonus Stat Bonus
25 Stat Bonus Stat Bonus Stat Bonus

For the Inhuman Nature build it focuses on using Judgement for laning. The player must have confident last hitting skills to keep his mana pool going

Item BuildПравить

Starting Items

This is a very basic starting item list, it can be modified for situation or player needs

64px X2 = 180
  • For more lane staying power
64px X2 = 370
  • For some early game stats
64px X1 = 53
  • A bit more early game stats (Can be built into something else)

Total Cost = 328

Early Game

For Soul Reaper early game isn't a very good place for him, so he will be getting things that will help him support

64px X1 = 1503
  • Gives extra armor for a tad bit more survivability, moveseepd, and also helps pushing with its active
64px X1 = 519
  • This always helps for some burst healing and mana management

Total Cost = 2022

Mid Game

In game Soul Reaper will start working towards one large itemw

64px X1 = 3850
  • Great for energy management and to buff up Soul Reaper

Total Cost = 3850

Late Game

Most of the time the game would end at Sacrificial Stone because you will start pushing extremely quickly. If it does get any farther I myself will start building up as a carry

64px X1 = 5100
  • This item will make Soul Reaper into a carry. Also by taking away their magic armor your ultimate will kill people sooner!!!

Total Cost = 5100

Situational Items

The build above is my usual build that leads up to being able to carry but their are many variations for it

64px X1 = 5150
  • This item can either be put in the place of Sacrificial Stone or after it. It combines with Withering Presence very well draining everyones health.
64px X1 = 2700
  • It replaces Plated Greaves, it really helps Soul reaper defend and push lanes.
64px X1 = 4700
  • Great for team fights and clearing big mobs of creeps (Combine with Judgement)
64px X1 = 2306
  • Support healing OVERDRIVER! More healing for the team
65px X1 = 5675
  • For teams that need some disable

It only letting me put five items here but there are many more items that could be viable for Soul Reaper including:


Soul Reaper shines late game. So your goal is to keep yourself alive until then.

Early Game

This is sooo simple, you have superior lane staying power, all you have to do is perfectly last hit and deny. As you last hit and deny you will start gaining mana, so feel free to use Judgement as much as you want as long as you can last hit and deny correctly if you have Inhuman Nature. You can also harass with Judgement, just wait for melee heroes to go in for the deny and then use Judgement on them they will start getting worried and stop last-hitting. For ranged heros you half to get a bit closer to them although this is a bit risky against really aggressive players cause they can deal back damage at you really easily, use this strategy with caution. Stay alive, keep your ally alive <--Your Goal.

Mid Game

In Middle game you farm and assist in team fights and ganks. If you have Withering Presence careful because it could tip off an enemy that your near by. Unless you find one person really weak don't try a gank alone, always help your allies. Careful not to killsteal with Demonic Execution because some of your allies might really need those kills ie. Carries. Try to heal as many allies that are hurt with Judgement after a while your allies will love you.

Late Game

Late game is very situational for Soul Reaper, if he was played well in Middle Game he will excel at whatever purpose you built him for, semi-carry or supporter.

Specific Skill Usage Править


Judgment might seem to be very close ranged but in reality it has a lot of range, having a maximum of 500 range its more range than Moon Queens attack range. Just remember you don't need to be really close to the enemies for them to get hit with Judgment, always be aware of your position and your enemies don't put yourself in too much danger.

Demonic Execution

Demonic Execution is not only a finishing move but also a stun, a stun can mean life or death of an enemy or an ally. Use it as a stun when you really need it.

Файл:Demonic Execution Damage.jpg

Self Explanatory. Level 3 ult = KILL at 41% health

Hero SynergyПравить

Good Allies

Soul Reaper can benefit every single hero in the game by supporting them but Soul Reaper doesn't have much survivability early game so heroes that can help him survive will benefit him a lot.

  • Keeper of the Forest - He can eye up the forest to prevent incoming ganks for Soul Reaper and also can invis Soul Reaper to save him
  • Scout - Eyes can help detect incoming ganks
  • Accursed - Accursed has great ability to keep other people alive by shielding and healing them.

Bad Enemies

Soul Reaper is doesn't have very much survivability so gankers will prey on him a lot

  • Scout - There is no telling where scout will pop out and ruin Soul Reapers day
  • Valkyrie - Also a ganker
  • Night Hound - Although he can't kill soul reaper easily he can make sure that Soul Reaper gets no farm
  • Sand Wraith - Crazy no warning ganker
  • Magebane - Soul Reapers a mage. Magebane kills mages.
  • Deadwood - Fearful ganker with a lot of spike damage
  • Devourer - He can gank without warning
  • Pyromancer - Ganking with no warning and spike damage
  • Pharaoh - If played correctly he can quickly take down Soul Reaper

Thats all for now!

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