128px Pyromancer is Lina / Slayer from DotA, except with a change on the passive skill. Slayer's passive increases attack and movement speed after a spell is cast, while Pyro's is a passive attack and casting speed buff. And Pyro is a dude.

He is a Nuker, Pusher, and Stunner.

By: j00sh

Skill OverviewПравить

  • Phoenix Wave - Frontal AOE nuke, hard hitting and decent distance/spread.
  • Dragonfire - Your AOE stun/nuke; good for using to set up your phoenix wave.
  • Fervor - Passive, increases attack and cast speed.
  • Blazing Strike - Ultimate, lots of direct damage to a single target.

Skill BuildПравить

Generally if a stun is available on your hero then getting it at level 1 is a good idea to avoid a nasty first blood, or maybe even to snag one yourself, it does happen if someone botches their gimmick level 1 first blood strategy. Anyways.

People will probably criticize me for saying fervor before stun, but really, when you rush Post Haste and max cast speed that early, the difference in landing stuns is night and day. Also helps a ton with last hitting and harassment; all-in-all it's a really good passive. Your stun only increases in damage when leveled, not duration or radius, so 1 point is acceptable. If you're ganking alone and you're the only source of damage, then I guess you can suck it up and go max stun hoping to land your unbuffed stun and finish the guy off with your damage alone, but I recommend you gank with other people as an intelligence hero. Or if someone else is consistently disabling before you on ganks, maybe you can put more points in it first for damage. Counting on other people for disabling/initiating sucks though..

But seriously with a non-fervored stun, it's like you lead someone with it, they walk in and out of it before the stun goes off. It's terrible. Or maybe the people I've been playing against have just been moving extra erratically, I dunno. I strongly prefer fervor over stun damage.

Sometimes I delay Blazing Strike until 8 or so if I know I won't have mana for it until I go to the fountain or whatever. Usually at 6 though, especially if I go bottle. Not a big deal, your choice.

Level Skill
1 Dragonfire
2 Phoenix Wave
3 Phoenix Wave
4 Fervor
5 Phoenix Wave
6 Blazing Strike
7 Phoenix Wave
8 Fervor
9 Fervor
10 Fervor
11 Blazing Strike
12 Dragonfire
13 Dragonfire
14 Dragonfire
15 Stats
16 Blazing Strike
17 Stats
18 Stats
19 Stats
20 Stats
21 Stats
22 Stats
23 Stats
24 Stats
25 Stats

Item BuildПравить

Starting Items

64px X2 = 200
  • Healing yourself
64px X4 = 212
  • I really like stats early game, extra mana, hp, regen, damage.
64px - 185
  • More stats.

Total Cost = 338

Early Game

You should be working towards your Marchers and an upgrade for them. It's not a bad idea to make your Pretenders Crown into a Talisman of Exile if you've got a little extra gold though.

64px - 500
  • Increased movement speed is important for Pyro, so he can use his stuns more effectively.
64px - 300
64px - 2700
64px - 1550
  • More speed and some armor.

Total Cost = 5050

Mid Game

64px - 2150
  • A little redundant if you have Post Haste, but good for ganking, running or chasing.

Total Cost = 2150

Late Game

In endgame, item build highly depends on the state of the game, and heroes in play, but here are the items that are always useful to Pyromancer.

64px - 5050
  • Always useful.
64px - 5175
  • Always useful.
64px - 6000
  • Makes your ult do more damage.

Total Cost = 16225

Situational Items

64px - 3910
  • Good if you face a lot of nukers.
64px - 5675
  • Good if you need an extra disable.


Early Game

You farm as much as you can in your lane without leaving, and get Post Haste ASAP. Feel free to last hit from time to time with your nukes (staying at full mana is a waste of regen), bonus points if you hit a hero in the process. If you solo mid without a bottle, still try to keep runes down and maybe encourage your teammates to help with that task, but don't get yourself killed in the process.

If you can delay going to fountain until you have 2700g for Post Haste then you're doing great. I usually end up going back once for Marchers, and then again for Post Haste. Get int or str stat items as needed, I usually just make 1 Talisman of Exile out of the first crown I got and that's it.

Mid Game

Start ganking people. Don't be shy about last hitting heroes with your ult, most people will know it's coming from Pyro.

Late Game

Be careful about jumping into fights too early. Sometimes it's best to sit back and wait for a nice window to come in and throw down a combo. Just don't let your initiators down when the time comes.


Guide written by j00sh.
Copied to Wiki by OpT1mUs.