128px This guide is written for Forest of Caldavar play on non-EM modes. It assumes you are playing on the Legion side. If you are playing on Hellbourne, reverse the top/bottom lanes.

It's the Moon Queen! This is the one hero you really, really don't want to meet alone by the river or in the jungle. She's got all those curves and isn't even sexy!

By: Nome

Skill OverviewПравить

  • Moon Beam - This is your bread and butter skill. NUKE!
  • Multi-Strike - This skill is good for farming, but you'll end up pushing the lane if you take it early.
  • Lunar Glow - Damage aura, duh.
  • Moon Finale - This skill can DESTROY heroes if timed and placed well. Almost guaranteed kill if you catch a hero alone.

When and when not to pick the Moon QueenПравить

Moon Queen is useful in almost all situations. Laning, ganking, teamfighting. However, there are a few heroes she synergizes especially well with, and a few heroes she's HORRIBLE against. For more information on this, check the hero synergy sections.

Skill BuildПравить

This is a build that separates the newbie from the experienced player. Newbies tend to believe that getting a skill is better than getting stats -- in many cases, this is not true. Players like to level up Multi-Strike early, but what's the point? Multi-Strike sucks if you don't do any damage, and you'll just end up pushing the lane. Lunar Glow is nice to have, since it does give damage, but your base HP and Mana are low, and low levels of Lunar Glow don't give you enough damage, so Stats are the better choice.

Level Skill
1 Moon Beam
2 Stats
3 Moon Beam
4 Stats
5 Moon Beam
6 Moon Finale
7 Moon Beam
8 Lunar Glow
9 Lunar Glow
10 Lunar Glow
11 Moon Finale
12 Lunar Glow
13 Multi-Strike
14 Multi-Strike
15 Multi-Strike
16 Moon Finale
17 Multi-Strike
18 Stats
19 Stats
20 Stats
21 Stats
22 Stats
23 Stats
24 Stats
25 Stats

Item BuildПравить

Starting Items

You should be solo mid lane. In which case, a Bottle is your best friend. If you're not solo mid, get the other items.

64px - 600
  • If you're going to solo mid, get this!
64px - 375
  • HP regen
64px X4 = 212
  • Starting Stats

Total Cost = 1028

Early Game

64px - 460
  • More stats - get a lot of these. Alternatively, get Fortified Bracelets if you're fighting a nuke-heavy team.
64px - 500

Total Cost = 960

Mid Game

Upgrade your Marchers to ONE of the choices below. Also, you'll need to evaluate which item is most useful, Shrunken Head or Assassin's Shroud. Get one or the other.

64px - 1350
  • Stats and speed.
64px - 2200
  • Speed and map control.
64px - 3910
  • Magic Immunity to help you get in position to land a good Moon Finale without getting stunned and nuked.
64px - 3610

Total Cost = 11070

Late Game

64px - 6000
  • A staple for all agility heroes.
64px - 6000
  • Improves your ultimate. Get this if you're highly reliant on pressing R.

Total Cost = 12000


Early Game

The Unstoppable Mid-Solo Moon Queen

  1. Buy a Bottle 600.
  2. Attack only to last-hit and deny. Use low-level Moon Beam to get last-hits if necessary. Your mana pool can handle it with Bottle.
  3. When you push into the river, move up-river slightly to check runes every 2 minutes. Once you've ascertained the rune location, Bottle it. If opponent goes for rune, outrun him using your superior movement speed (320) and use Moon Beam to ministun if needed.
  4. Once level 5, use Moon Beam to harass. Keep at least 150 mana in stock for Moon Finale at level 6.
  5. Congratulations, you are now level 6 and unstoppable. Apply pressure by placing yourself in offensive positions. Keep your opponent out of XP range. You are now the undisputed owner of all runes. Go after EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. If your opponent attempts to grab a rune, follow him, once you are in the river, use Moon Finale to kill.

The only heroes that have a chance to stop this are Thunderbringer and Pyromancer, who can nuke you to death despite your Bottle.

Not Solo-Mid?
You should be! But if for some reason you're not, you're going to be baby-sitting harassing opposing heroes for your lane partner. Last hit and deny as much as possible while putting pressure on them by attacking and nuking when you have the chance.

Mid Game

As the Moon Queen you are one of the most feared and despised gankers. As soon as you hit level 6, you are able to get free kills under most situations. Bottom lane is the easiest to gank if you're playing Legion, but in general, it's most efficient to gank right after you've grabbed a rune. So alert your teammates to start applying pressure. Head towards the lane, emerge from the trees behind them with the rune active and give out a Moon Beam right away. If they're smart, they will try to dodge back into the creeps, where they'll probably die to your allies. If they're bad, or desperate, they'll continue running towards their tower. If there are no creeps there, press R and win.

Late Game

Unless you're high level and do a lot of damage, you're going to rely on other heroes to fulfill periphery roles during team battles. You're going to need a tank to draw fire, as well as AoE casters to disable and clear creeps. Unless they're out in the open, you should always allow your team to initiate. Remember that due to your team-clearing power, you'll be the prime target during the battle, so hang back and coordinate well, because once it starts, it'll end in seconds, either in your favor or theirs.

Hero SynergyПравить

Good Allies

  • Behemoth - By far your BFF4L, he is the most powerful creep clearer that will also soften up the entire enemy team. Let him Portal Key in first and ultimate, then run in for the finish with Moon Finale.
  • Kraken - If he runs in first with Whirlpool, then teleports the enemy heroes to you, you can wreak some sexy havoc.
  • Pyromancer - Another great AoE creep clearer.
  • Legionnaire - Another great AoE creep clearer, but he will also tank for you. What a friend ;;
  • Accursed - Heal and debuff
  • Jereziah - Another heal and debuff. Jereziah is slightly better due to his ultimate and the fact that his anti-magic works a lot easier.
  • Glacius - His aura gives you a lot of Moon Beams early on.

Bad Enemies

  • Ophelia - She constantly has neutrals guarding her, which effectively nullifies Moon Finale.
  • Swiftblade - Although you're the superior hero overall, in 1v1 battle of ultimates, Swiftblade wins due to him being invulnerable during his ultimate, and the fact that he has a skill that grants magic immunity.
  • Predator - He has magic immunity as well.
  • Pyromancer - He will 1-shot you.
  • Blacksmith - 30% of the time, he will 1-shot you, but you'll rage 100% of the time.
  • Tempest - His elementals make him very powerful and hard to ulti.

Wrap UpПравить

Miscellaneous Tips Править

  • Always click a hero before you gank him. See what items he has. If he has a TP, save your Moon Beam for when he TP's, so you can cancel it with the stun.
  • You are, in general, the carry. That means you need kills. Go KS everything you can -- you have a good reason to.
  • As a soft target, you should always be aware of ganks. If there are heroes missing from other lanes, play defensively and be prepared to dodge.
  • Moon Finale's range is big. Keep in mind that you don't have to be at short range to use it -- however, you should make sure your opponent can't escape into fog.