128px Magmus is a pretty strong hero all game. His moving stun is useful as a fight initiator and an escape. The ability to go invisible lets you confuse enemies and escape death. His Volcanic Touch ability lets you farm fairly well and harass a bit. A well executed Eruption can decimate an enemy team. Played well, you should die little and turn the tide in team fights.

However, Magmus will never be as scary end-game as other strength heroes such as the Predator or Hammerstorm. His ult is also vulnerable to interruption as it has a 2 second casting time.

By: GaboonViper

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  • Lava Surge - This skill is a moving stun, stunning and placing you right next to the enemy where you can then attack them or begin your ult. The stun hits multiple enemies in a line, so try to position yourself and target the stun in such a way that it hits as much of the team as possible. Always try to stun past your target so that they have to run around you to keep escaping, allowing you to land more hits on them. Remember that you can also use this as an escape. Try to be tricky with it, if you have time to run, kite the enemy heroes and then surge across a cliff where they cannot follow.
  • Steam Bath - This skill is used primarily as a defensive mechanism. When cast, Magmus creates a steam cloud and becomes invisible. However, if you move or use an ability it cancels Steam Bath but keeps you invisible while moving for the designated amount of time. Do not abuse this ability! If you use it in the lane all the time and treat it as a crutch smart players will buy wards or dust and kill you. Used correctly it can completely negate other heroes ults and confuse a team. Say the Moon Queen finds you in the forest and ults, you immediately cast Steam Bath and wait for her ult to stop. Then use the short invisibility to position yourself for a stun and cast your ult, killing her instead! Also remember that the enemy knows you're smack in the middle of that cloud. Characters with targeted ground effect abilities such as the Behemoth or the Torturer can still kill you. Against heroes like this you want to move the second you cast Steam Bath and use the short invisibility to evade their stuns.
  • Volcanic Touch - This ability will help you farm and harass melee heroes in a lane as you last hit.
  • Eruption - This ability can decimate a team. When cast Magmus will channel the spell for 2 seconds before it begins. If you are stunned or silenced or you move during this time the ability is interrupted, wasting your mana and activating the cooldown. If cast successfully, rings of energy explode around you damaging and slowing enemies. Chase after the team while it's going, landing hits when you can. Some players active this ahead of time and blink in using a Portal Key, but you lose one wave of damage this way. Other players opt to get a Shrunken Head and activate it before stunning and ulting.

Skill BuildПравить

Level Skill
1 Lava Surge
2 Volcanic Touch
3 Lava Surge
4 Steam Bath
5 Lava Surge
6 Eruption
7 Lava Surge
8 Volcanic Touch
9 Volcanic Touch
10 Volcanic Touch
11 Eruption
12 Steam Bath
13 Steam Bath
14 Steam Bath
15 Stats
16 Eruption
17 Stats
18 Stats
19 Stats
20 Stats
21 Stats
22 Stats
23 Stats
24 Stats
25 Stats

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Magmus synergies well with other characters with strong AoE abilities such as the Tempest, Torturer, Hellbringer, etc. However, one of his best allies is Jereziah. Early game the two of you make a surprisingly devastating combo. Magmus' stun puts him right next to an enemy where Jereziah can immediately heal him, dealing 280+360 damage, instantly killing squishy heroes that aren't at full health. Jereziah can also make you magic immune, allowing you to execute your stun/ult combo without any danger of interruption and saving you from needing to buy a Shrunken Head

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