128px Keeper of the Forest is a Support and Disabler hero. This guide will go over how to build your keeper of the forest to help your team as much as possible. It focuses on maxing out Tree Sight to give your team map intelligence. A well played keeper of the forest will have eyes all over the map so the other team can never sneak up on you.

By: Drasha

Skill OverviewПравить

  • Camouflage - Used to escape and evade the other team for your self and your allys.
  • Tree Sight - The reason to pick Keeper of the Forest.
  • Nature's Vengeance - This lets you last hit well and do decent damage at the start of the game.
  • Root - You use this in team fights pretty much the main reason to pick this hero.

Skill BuildПравить

Level Skill
1 Tree Sight
2 Nature's Vengeance
3 Tree Sight
4 Camouflage
5 Tree Sight
6 Root
7 Tree Sight
8 Nature's Vengeance
9 Nature's Vengeance
10 Nature's Vengeance
11 Root
12 Camouflage
13 Camouflage
14 Camouflage
15 Stats
16 Root
17 Stats
18 Stats
19 Stats
20 Stats
21 Stats
22 Stats
23 Stats
24 Stats
25 Stats

Item BuildПравить

Starting Items

The Ring of the Teacher gives you all the mana regeneration you will ever need as well as a nice armor bonus. Make sure you click Ring of the Teacher to turn off the creep aura while your not pushing towers at the start.

64px - 500
  • Alows you to use Natures Wrath with out running out of mana.
64px - 90
  • To heal yourself make sure you don't eat a tree with one of our eyes in it.

Total Cost = 590

Early Game

You can skip these items if you and go straight for the Restoration Stone just make sure you pick up some plain old Marchers while your at it.

64px - 1550
  • Makes you a better tank and lets you out run most people.
64px X2 = 970
  • Buy this if you think you will have a restoration stone before level 18

Total Cost = 2035

Mid Game

You only need 1 item to be effective.

64px - 5300
  • Allows you to double ult in a team fight must buy item.

Total Cost = 5300

Late Game

You don't need these items to do well if you find your self with crazy amounts of gold go ahead and buy them.

64px - 4700
  • Gives you the mana to double ult with Restoration Stone
64px - 5500
  • Makes you a lot harder to kill.

Total Cost = 10200


When playing this hero you need to put Tree Sight everywhere; not only does it tell you where people are, it tells you where they are not. Information is very important in this game and can turn the match in your team's favor.

Early Game

You are going to want to put an eye near the top rune then go lane near the other teams forest. If the lane your with is hard put an eye near where you are standing most of the time for extra health regen. You want to put eyes in the other teams forest right where the creeps spawn so you can catch some one foresting and to stop creeps from spawning from that area. Your goal now is to just level up don't take risks you want to get to level 7 as soon as possible for max level tree sight. Level camouflage at level 2 if you are against a lane that might go first blood so you can escape.

Mid Game

You have your ult now use it in team fights or to gank people with out a blink. Make sure you are using Tree sight when ever it comes of cool down and placing it in key locations. You want to have eyes watching the river and the entrence to your forest area and the other teams forest. You also want to have an eye to watch kongor so you can catch the other team if they try to kill him. Try to help your team gank and work on your Restoration Stone.

Late Game

You should have your Restoration Stone now and you should be using it to win team fights easy when ever its off cool down. Make sure you stay with your team you don't need to be farming for any thing you just need to be their in case of a team fight or to invis people if your going to get ganked. Don't forget to keep using tree sight you can place them in the other teams base.