128px Hellbringer is a extremely useful hero in pretty much any game, early game you focus on messing up squishy heroes, then late game you turn into a disabler, slower. With agressive play style early on you will be invaluable to your team.


Skill OverviewПравить

  • Unholy Shackles - 30-60% slow. Awesome due to little mana cost early on for chasing someone and fagging him with autoattack or to get that kill. Vital to put this on a hero after you summon the ulti.
  • Death Boil - Good DoT, first tick does 10 damage then each tick increases it by 10. lasts for 5/6/7/8 seconds. This one is great for harassing early game.
  • Life Void - Small AoE, magic resistant reduction and 50% of all damage targets take, you receive. This one is awesome, lane staying power, you can run up to a tower on level 6 with no worries if you apply this one correctly.
  • Summon Malphas - Big ass daemon, arrives in the appropriately flashy entrance and stuns everyone in a very large area. Can also beat the shit out of towers.

Skill BuildПравить

This is what I generally go for, if I see ranged characters/nukers against me I start with heal, otherwise it's level 4. I level up the heal late, but mostly because you don't have alot of mana and each level in the heal adds a lot of mana requirements. If I'm laning with a strong early game guy, I might focus on the shackles instead. I start taking the Life Void to 4 when I feel confident I got the mana items to back it up, it wrecks heroes in a team fight.

Level Skill
1 Death Boil
2 Unholy Shackles
3 Death Boil
4 Live Void
5 Death Boil
6 Summon Malphas
7 Death Boil
8 Unholy Shackles
9 Unholy Shackles
10 Unholy Shackles
11 Summon Malphas
12 Stats / Life Void
13 Stats / Life Void
14 Stats / Life Void
15 Stats / Life Void
16 Summon Malphas
17 Stats / Life Void
18 Stats / Life Void
19 Stats / Life Void
20 Stats / Life Void
21 Stats / Life Void
22 Stats / Life Void
23 Stats / Life Void
24 Stats / Life Void
25 Stats / Life Void

Item BuildПравить

Starting Items

I almost allways take the same early items, it's quite a solid build.

64px - 185
  • For Stats and Bracers later on
64px - 90
  • You'll be low on mana, and won't want to waste it on healing yourself early on.
64px X3 = 159
  • +1 to all stats, nice item, a bit more of everything.
64px - 150
  • For those Bracers we'll want in a bit.

Total Cost = 478

Early Game

Stay in that lane as long as you can, but when you need to go back this is what you'll want. Of course, depending on both play style and how well you and your team are going. You allways want boots first, then you might want to get Bracers or even two. I usually go for boots, then Hellflower. I start with the 3x mana regen things (Scarabs) for nice regen = nice HP regen = alot of slows, nukes, ulties. Makes for a great early game. After that, I finish each great Arcana. It's very situational so I'll just post the Hellflower.

64px - 500
  • Well... Speed
64px - 5025
  • Amplifies damage, silences, mana regen and damage. Pretty solid.

Total Cost = 5525

Mid Game

It'll take you untill level 10-13 to get the Hellflower, unless you got very lucky/unlucky. After Hellflower you might want a bit of HP, helm of the black legion is good for that, you might want to go for refresher for double daemon orgy, altough your mana will get raped. Sacrificial stone is good too, even Frostplate. It all depends on what heroes you have with you, and who you are up against and if they are actively going for you. Get boots according to taste and game play (Phase, tele, ench marchers)

64px - 2225
  • Sometimes useful for being able to not die instantly if you keep getting primaried
64px - 5300
  • Double Daemon Orgy.
64px - 5050
  • Extra HP/Mana + regen = Good
64px - 4700
  • Extra armor, AoE slow and damage.

Total Cost = 17275

Keep working on the items from mid game, whatever is best for your current game.


Early Game

Fresh in, you have good advantage, you got good auto attack damage for last hitting, denying. Focus at that first, then start hitting the enemy to get him away. Conserve mana, but if someone gets close, slow him and keep auto attacking while he runs away, when you have extra mana, DoT for good measure. Don't play too agressive unless you can see a clear kill. Make sure you have enough mana left for the Life Void.

If someone tries to be cheeky and get you at a tower, hit the Life Void on him, keep running around the tower. When he realizes he isn't gonna get you, slow him and finish him off. This one never gets old in pubbie games, as it leaves you with full health and 250 gold for killing him.

Mid Game

This is where the fun starts. When you hit level 6, you can start ganking pro-style. If you get 1-2 guys, trying to kill you, you hit the Life Void on them, summon the daemon, then slow/dot them.

Malphas, your new best friend, does damage to everyone around him, he also has a spell that does additional AoE Dot, he has about 2 charges of that every time you summon him. That, combined with your attack + DoT pretty much makes sure that you can tank anything while the daemon and the heal is active. You can run up on a tower, put life void, daemon, slow and dot on any non tank early/mid game and leave again at pretty much full health.

After you use the daemon to gank someone, sic it on a nearby tower, creeps, he does good against them. If you are desperate, you can summon him to pop a tower but IMO Hero Kill > Tower early/mid game.

It's tricky to control yourself and the daemon, using tab helps but if you bind yourself to group 1 (ctrl-1) and Malphas to 2 (ctrl-2), you can be quick. familiarize yourself with his abilities, it'll save your face.

Late Game

Late game, you'll most likely slowly stop being the gank-hero and become a bit more support. In fights this is what you'll want to be doing:

  • By using Life Void on targets who are going to get nuked, they'll die faster and you'll get healed up.
  • Slow on anyone who tries to run away
  • Drop Malphas on the enemy heroes, then use his AOE skill and tell him to attack someone squishy who's likely to just run off when aggroed.
  • USE THAT HELLFLOWER, take any support guy out of the fight with this, or any capable nukers, this is the ultimate counter to a number of heroes when backed up with firepower.

Wrap UpПравить

Basicly, as with most heroes:

Early game: Farm, fag the enemy. Mid game: get aggressive Late game: Start focusing on support more.

Focus on using the daemon properly, get kills with it, don't use it as much to gank towers. And don't just forget about him after you summon him!

Life void is OP, use it, alot, early, mid game, late game. Properly used while in a fight you can tank anything, can bring you back from 10 hps up to full in a few seconds.

Be flexible with the items, there's no one right setup, get whatever is needed for the team.