128px Hellbringer is a Pusher, Disabler, Stun, and Support hero. This guide focues on playing Hellbringer as a Support Hero.

By: Drasha

Skill OverviewПравить

  • Death Boil - A damage over time spell its great for killing low health heroes since most people under estimate how much damage it does since it deals out over time.
  • Unholy Shackles - A 5 second slow that puts most people at a stand still, great for peeling heroes off you or stopping runners. It also slows their attack speed so its even good in the middle of team fights.
  • Life Void - This is by far your strongest spell if used right. At the start of the game it can be used to heal you to full health. It also combos well with any one who does magic damage since it decrease the targets magic armor.
  • Summon Malphas - Giant AoE stun that also gives you a giant demon who can wreak havoc on towers. He has an aoe magic damage so throwing a life void down around him will heal you and increase his damage. This should be used at the start of a team fight to give your side the edge.

Skill BuildПравить

There are two different skill builds for Hellbringer. These builds only have different results at the start of the game during mid and end game your going to play a supportive role.


The first and more common is the offensive build that focuses on using Death Boil to kill other players at the start of the game.


The second one is more of a supportive role that focuses on using Unholy Shackles to help your laning partner gank.

Level Offensive Supportive
1 Death Boil Life Void
2 Life Void Unholy Shackles
3 Death Boil Unholy Shackles
4 Unholy Shackles Life Void
5 Death Boil Unholy Shackles
6 Summon Malphas Summon Malphas
7 Death Boil Unholy Shackles
8 Unholy Shackles Life Void
9 Unholy Shackles Life Void
10 Unholy Shackles Death Boil
11 Summon Malphas Summon Malphas
12 Life Void Death Boil
13 Life Void Death Boil
14 Life Void Death Boil
15 Stats Stats
16 Summon Malphas Summon Malphas
17 Stats Stats
18 Stats Stats
19 Stats Stats
20 Stats Stats
21 Stats Stats
22 Stats Stats
23 Stats Stats
24 Stats Stats
25 Stats Stats

Item BuildПравить

Starting Items

64px - 185
  • Cheap stats; makes you harder to kill and gives you more mana.
64px - 150
  • More cheap stats are good.
64px X5 = 250
  • You can use Life Void to heal your self so you just need mana.

Total Cost = 385

Early Game

Not much here. You can start grabbing items to build Stormspirit, or save up for Post Haste depending on what you need.

64px - 500
  • Buy these when you need the speed.
64px - 150
  • Free's up bag slots and is cheap since you already have the other two pieces.

Total Cost = 650

Mid Game

64px - 2925
  • Speed helps you stay out of reach and the disable is good for team fights.
64px - 2200
  • Speed helps you stay out of reach and with Stormspirit as well, no one will catch you.

Total Cost = 5125

Late Game

64px - 5300
  • Lets you double ult in team fights. Odds are the game will be over before you finish this item. If its not, you will end the game with this item.

Total Cost = 5300


Early Game

You need to pick the skill build your going with. I suggest the offensive build unless your laning with a hero who does magic damage and will work with you as a team. No matter what build you go with you're going to want to wait until around level 3 to start spending your mana on spells. If your health goes half-way down just wait until to waves of creeps hit each other and cast Life Void on them it should heal you up to full.

Mid Game

By now you should be close to getting your Stormspirit if you don't already have it. The cyclone is great for disabling a hero long enough for you and some one else to get in position to kill them when they come out. You should be using Malphas to take down their towers and for team fights; you generally don't want to blow it to gank one person.

Late Game

You should have Posthaste and Stormspirit now as well as a few items for your Restoration Stone. Your team should be close to winning, losing or stalled. When you get it, you should use it to double ult at the start of a fight. Make sure you throw down Life Void, then use your disables however you feel it will best help your team.

Wrap UpПравить

Hellbringer is a powerful hero if played correctly and is hard to master since he depends a lot on the heros on your team and choosing the correct build at the start of the game. Take the time to learn this hero inside and out and remember to experiment with the skill build and the item build.