128px Hellbringer is a Pusher, Disabler, Stun, and Support hero. This guide focues on none of these instead it plays Hellbringer as a Nuker.

This guide is gold intensive so you want to make sure you are last hitting as much as you can.

By: Drasha

Skill OverviewПравить

  • Unholy Shackles - Slows an enemy player its ok if no one else on your team can slow.
  • Death Boil - Powerful damage over time spell that most people underestimate.
  • Life Void - Great for healing yourself as well as weakening other players.
  • Summon Malphas - Great opener and good for taking down towers.

Skill BuildПравить

The goal is to use Death Boil, Life Void, and a codex to kill other players while healing your self. It's also important to take advantage of the fact that Death Boil is not a flashy nuke and a lot of people will stick around you even when it can kill them at higher levels.

Level Skill
1 Life Void
2 Death Boil
3 Death Boil
4 Life Void
5 Death Boil
6 Summon Malphas
7 Death Boil
8 Life Void
9 Life Void
10 Stats
11 Summon Malphas
12 Stats
13 Stats
14 Stats
15 Stats
16 Summon Malphas
17 Stats
18 Stats
19 Stats
20 Stats
21 Stats
22 Unholy Shackles
23 Unholy Shackles
24 Unholy Shackles
25 Unholy Shackles

Item BuildПравить

Starting Items

64px X2 = 370
  • Cheap stats - makes you harder to kill and gives you more mana.
64px X4
Total cost = 570 = Ошибка выражения: неопознанное слово «total» 
  • You can use Life Void to heal your self so you just need mana

Total Cost = 235

Early Game

Only really one item here. Once you have your Marchers, start building up the Codex.

64px - 500
  • No one likes being slow.
64px - 500
64px - 1000

Total Cost = 2000

Mid Game

Midgame is all about the Codex. Buy it ASAP and just keep upgrading it. If you end up dieing a lot or needing other items, you could start working on your Sacrificial Stone instead of just upgrading the codex full time.

64px X5 = 6750
  • (The recipe itself, you should already have the other pieces). This item is the bread and butter of this build you're going to want to fully upgrade it.

Total Cost = 1350

Late Game

64px - 5050
  • What no caster can live with out. This item gives you health and mana.
64px - 2700
  • Speed helps you stay out of reach.
64px - 5675
  • Strong disable to help your team in fights.

Total Cost = 13425


The important thing to do while working on your item build is not to tunnel vision on upgrading the codex if you need more health grab some of the items to make your Sacrificial Stone. While this build does not pick up Unholy Shackles until the later levels, if your team does not have any one who can slow its a good idea to pick it up sooner instead of stats. Hellbringer lanes very well with any one who uses magic since life void makes people take increased magic damage. Some of those heroes include Swiftblade and his whirl wind and Devourer and decay.