128px The Electrician is one of the best (and easiest to use) tanks in Heroes of Newerth. He's very powerful at laning with many other players, can both chase and escape well, and I highly recommend him to newer players, especially those playing with friends.

Expect many assists, few kills, and to stick together with at least one other teammate nearly all the time.

By: Crummy

Skill OverviewПравить

  • Static Grip - This is your standard offensive skill. On its own it does very little damage, and unless you are chasing a very weak hero you'll never kill from it, but with this skill and just about any other hero you can take down enemies with ease. Fully upgraded, you get a 4.75s stun which is a long time in game.
  • Electric Shield - This sounds useful, but at early levels is only used in "oh shit" situations, as the mana drain is too high. Use it to tank towers at level 3, and at level 4 you can keep it on nearly all the time
  • Energy Absorption - A close look at the stats reveals a pretty nice thing about this power: As long as there are 3 creeps around, or 1 hero around, you lose no mana when using this ability. If there are more creeps/heroes, you get free mana for using this ability. Crazy. Use it all the time vs creeps, or at the end of your static grip.
  • Cleansing Shock - A very versatile skill. Useful for escaping, for chasing, and devastating vs certain heroes.

Skill BuildПравить

Primary build

Your primary focus is stunning for your teammate to get damage in. So focus on Static Grip, while building Energy Absorption for creep clearing and faster mana regen. Cleansing Shock is essential, but depending on who you are laning against you may wish to consider rushing Electric Shield after you've got level 1 of Cleansing Shock, instead of getting level 2 of Cleansing Shock.

Level Primary build
1 Static Grip
2 Energy Absorption
3 Static Grip
4 Energy Absorption
5 Static Grip
6 Cleansing Shock
7 Static Grip
8 Energy Absorption
9 Energy Absorption
10 Electric Shield
11 Cleansing Shock
12 Electric Shield
13 Electric Shield
14 Electric Shield
15 Stats
16 Cleansing Shock
17 Stats
18 Stats
19 Stats
20 Stats
21 Stats
22 Stats
23 Stats
24 Stats
25 Stats

Item BuildПравить

Starting Items

This build gives significant boost to all stats. You can swap this up a bit if you wish; in EM games you probably won't even need the Runes of Blight as you'll be buying a Lifetube pretty soon.

64px X1 = 185
  • You'll build this later into Bracelets
64px X4 = 212
  • These just make you a stronger, better all round unit in the early game. Sell them as needed, they soon become useless
64px X2 = 180
  • Regen items, use them if you're having a hard time.

Total Cost = 328

Early Game

Swap lifetube/enhanced marchers if you wish.

64px - 875
  • If you're near one of the shops, this will be handy. You take a few hits from creeps or heroes while static gripping enemies, this'll keep you in the lane
64px - 1550
  • Static Grip is going to leave you in the middle of a bunch of people pretty frequently. You're going to want the unitwalking ability of Enhanced Marchers to get out.

Total Cost = 2425

Mid Game

Consider getting Manatube later in the sac stone build

64px - 875
  • Finish the Sustainer
64px - 3300
  • Try to get the 1200 item first. This builds your Sacrificial Heart

Total Cost = 4175

Late Game

More items that increase survivability; this is your main task.

64px - 2225

Total Cost = 2225

Situational Items

64px - 2150
  • If you're up against a Magebane (your mortal enemy) you may wish to consider this to aid in escapes. A better idea is just not to lane against him.


Electrician is great with nearly any other hero, and he can hold his own on his own, though don't expect many kills.

Early Game

Prime laning partners:

  • Swiftblade (my favourite)
  • Arachna
  • Any decent DPS character

Work on not taking too much damage, last hitting if you can, just getting XP is important. Use Runes of Blight if necessary; using my starting build you have a ton of them. Once you have Energy Absorption you can use this any time you are near three or more creeps for free mana.

To fight heroes, warn your teammate (preferably with voice), and once he's near you static grip the enemy, and blast him with energy absorption once you're done. Your teammate will pound on him, you'll likely get an assist.

Don't be afraid to roam every once in a while. By sneaking up on an enemy and static gripping, you're going to be assisting in a lot of kills.

Mid Game

Once you have Cleansing Shock you are a lot more versatile. Here are a couple usage scenarios:

  • You're low on health and being chased - use Cleansing Shock on yourself to get away
  • You're chasing an enemy - use Cleansing Shock to slow him down, and remove any speed buffs he has
  • You're chasing an enemy but he's out of reach - use Cleansing Shock on yourself to chase him down, then use Static Grip once he's in range
  • You're up against enemies with big defensive buffs - for example, zap Jereziah when he's got that bloody shield up to make him take damage normally again
  • Someone has cast a DOT spell on you or a friend - cast on them and the spell is gone.

Once you have Electric Shield at level 3+ you can tank towers pretty well, too, though you probably want to have a Manatube in your inventory when you are using shield.

Late Game

Late game, the Electrician turns nearly invincible. Here's a standard fight:

  1. Activate your shield before you enter combat
  2. Electrician static grips the other teams most dangerous player, your team wails on him and everyone else. If you're at a reasonable level compared to everyone else and have level 4 shield, you should be able to take quite a bit of damage here
  3. Energy Absorption to regen a bunch of mana (AKA health for electrician) that you lost
  4. Cleansing shock the person affected by their Accursed's shield or your silenced nukers or whoever needs buffs or debuffs removed.
  5. Repeat, using cleansing shock to chase or escape as necessary