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This guide is for NON-EM Games. I don't play EM, never have never will. Sorry I will not make any guides to teach you to play the game improperly, but I assume these guides will work in EM decently enough.

Ok so I consider myself one of the best Devourer's in HoN at the moment. I get a lot of compliments for my play and control of games with an underpowered hero known as Devourer. Devourer is a port of my favorite DotA hero: Pudge. Pudge/Devourer is a strong tank with an interesting ability that I find to be the coolest ability in the game Gutting Hook(known simply as hook). Hook allows you to "grab" someone and pull them to you from a range of at most 1000 (although it is more like 1100 with the aoe of the hook) I'm not going to spend an hour posting pretty pictures and listing all the skills and there descriptions that you can already find in the game, that would be a waste of time instead I'll discuss some strategies to use in pubs and competitive games alike.

By: mefarmerhi

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Item BuildПравить

Starting Items

Generally I like to solo, and since most people trust my devourer to be very strong, they let me. When I solo I 9/10 go bottle first and get a ward ASAP (in pubs, or have a teammate get one in competitive games). Controlling the runes is pretty important and a lot of times you can get a haste, invis, or double damage and score a kill. Also pudge is very effective versus most heroes in the river at early levels, get in rot range and you can kill most heroes, so seeing them head towards a Rune is a pretty beneficial and certainly worth 200 gold if you have to buy one yourself. When I lane pudge (unless it is a dual mid lane) generally ill get a Crushing Claws, some Runes of the Blight, a few Minor Totem and maybe a Mana Potion (if I have some sort of stunner and will be hooking often).

64px - 600
  • Only if soloing mid
64px - 150
64px - 90
  • Balance remaining money between these and Minor Totem.
64px - 53

Total Cost = 893

Early Game

If laning mid solo, Rune control is very important, so get wards to watch them.

64px - 200
64px - 500
64px - 510
  • If you need more hp.

Total Cost = 1210

Mid Game

64px - 1550

Total Cost = 1550

Late Game

64px - 1700
  • Magic Armor reduces the damage you take from Decay

Total Cost = 1700

Situational Items

64px - 5500
64px - 2150
64px - 2750


Solo Lane Control

One of the most important things when soloing as Dev: BE PATIENT. Wait for someone to get too agressive and throw a hook. With a bottle and a rune often times it's ok to try and throw some hooks that might be less than skillful (luck, hehe), and if you know its going to miss you can always spam S and cancel it. One of the best ways to handle heroes with low range (IE: Thunderbringer) is to actually run right up to them and use hook at point blank to finish the kill. Very rarely do I get firstbloods with an actual hook first, usually I'll catch them in a bad position and chase them around and orb walk them to low, then hook at point blank. Quick explanation of orb walking: While following them rotting, click on there hero, the second the sound for the hit goes off keep on clicking to "Cancel" the animation of your swing but you still hit them, do this every second or so (you will learn the timing with practice. As stated before the biggest thing is being patient and using your very high base damage to your advantage. See someone going for a rune with low mana or no offensive abilities?? Go chase them. Getting Marchers early is important for rune control.

Dual Lane Control

This is hard to give strategy for considering the possible lanes, but just use your teamates ability to your advantage and again, be very patient. Try to avoid stuns and bait stuns (Run up, then run back quickly when you see them about to cast a stun on you, very effective against pub Pyromancers and such). If you want specific lane tips post here or PM me here, on the HoN forums, or in game (PubBasher on forums, IChopwood in game) I'm generally down to give tips and such assuming I am not busy.

Early Game

Early game your job is to gank the map often, and keep people scared. Just hiding up your hill for a second and grabbing all the runes can really disrupt other lanes. Do your best not to die early game since Devourers success comes from his early game dominance. Make sure to get all the runes that you can and again, be very patient.

Mid Game

Mid game you start to lose your ability to solo kill most heroes and this is the time to start farming. Generally at this point you want to get your Behemoth's Heart/Portal Key/Assassin's Shroud or whatever you plan on getting.

Late Game

Late game you aren't the most effective hero, although you can be if you do well early. At this point Cadaver Armor + Behemoth's Heart will make you very hard to kill and you can use your hook to initate well. Also, use your Devour to lockdown high dps characters such as Thunderbringer, Soulstealer, Arachna or whatever. Use your hook effectively and you can win some games just by catching a hero like Tempest and effectively destroying another teams initiation.

General TipsПравить

  • Always carry Homecoming Stones. If you get ganked by something without a stun or interrupt, just tp right away. You have high HP and often times you can escape.
  • Pay attention to your minimap. Since you aren't a newb and always carry Homecoming Stones you can save your teamates by teleporting to the lane being ganked and score a kill or two (or three!)
  • Avoid heroes with high HP early game. Often times you can't score a kill on them and they can really hassle you. This goes the same for heroes with silences. Silences destroy Devourer early game and should be avoided at all costs.
  • If you know for a fact you are going to die, try to rot yourself to death because that way the other team receives no gold.

Hook Tips:Править

Learn to cancel your hook. When you cast your hook, then instantly press S you will cancel it, not wasting mana or the cooldown and not throwing the hook. A good way to learn someones habit is to fake hook often and see what they do everytime, usually most players will do the same thing everytime they think they are about to be hooked, so once you fake a few times you will know exactly what they are going to do. Never click on the actual heroes. Generally i click a little before the hero to try and get maximum range on my hooks. Use rot to last hit early game, if you hit a creep and dont effectively last hit it, tap rot on and off real quick and sometimes you can score the creep kill, the more you practice the better you get at this.